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Adopt a giraffe: The Rothschild Giraffes; Settanta and Cillion
Giraffe Looking
Adopt: Settanta and Cillion

  • Species: Rothschild Giraffes
  • Location: Port Lympne
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 2 years old

About Settanta and Cillion: Cillion and Settanta arrived as part of our African Experience from Fota Wildlife Park near Cork in Ireland. Since their arrival they have settled in very well and we are lucky to have two very steady giraffe. Cillion, the older of the two was very shy on arrival and stayed as far away as possible. However he is now more forward and always leads the way with Settanta not far behind.

After several weeks of being in their yard they have been moved out into The African Experience. This took a couple of weeks as giraffe appear to be very nervous of any change in their daily routine. They are now free to roam over the 200 acre paddock. Cillion and Settanta have recently been joined by a third giraffe called Sebastian, from Chester Zoo. This appears to have done wonders for thier confidence as they are now venturing further afield over The African Experience and can quite often be seen mixing with the other animals.